Armando Sánchez: a symbol within ASD

Many things can be said about Armando Sánchez: the silent and tireless worker, the source of knowledge of all the details of the international trade in oil palm seeds, the personality who is happy to do his job well, without being aware of the hours dedicated to it, and even without waiting for recognition every time he completes a job that demands an effort beyond what an average employee would make, the silent hand behind the throne, the motor that moves ASD, etc. All this, and much more describe Armando's work over 40 years. Armando's tenacious work means that ASD maintains one of the strengths most appreciated by clients: the reliability of deliveries, regardless of the client's size or geographical location.

Armando’s history in the company has been long and fruitful, beginning when he was still very young back in 1968, when he was enlisted as an employee of the United Fruit Co., a company that would create ASD in 1986. Armando's initial work was humble, but his extensive capacity allowed him to rise quickly in his administrative career, until becoming a true cog in the gears of ASD today.

When he had the responsibility of ensuring the loading of banana fruit on the ships that went from Costa Rica to the United States and Europe, he knew that fixed schedules only exist for people without a real commitment to their work. There he learned to work 16-hour shifts per day or more, since it was necessary to guarantee boat departures according to the planned itineraries. Those were difficult years, which are now remembered with some nostalgia by Armando.

Since the creation of ASD in 1985, Armando has fulfilled his role as manager of all the logistics for sending ASD products to its clients all over the world. On top of these responsibilities, he was also the technical manager of the seed germination laboratory for many years.