Amancio Alvarado: symbol of persistence in the genetic improvement program

Amancio studied agronomy at the University of Costa Rica and is the director of the genetic improvement program for ASD in Coto, in the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. His start in the company was in 1990, when the program was still directed by the now retired Dr. D.L. Richardson. His clear intelligence and dedication were soon recognized and today he is in charge of the program under the guidance of the company's manager, Ricardo Escobar. Amancio doesn’t talk much, but he is clearly persistent and methodical in his work, such that results have been his best way of showing himself in the eyes of his ASD co-workers and clients, who receive the fruit of his research efforts in the form of new oil palm varieties and clones.

During his ASD career, Amancio has been at the core of the company's efforts to develop and improve new seed varieties, including compact ones, which have achieved recognition by many of the most prestigious companies in the industry, and are now planted on thousands of hectares in the world’s tropics. In addition, the work of the improvement department has as its goals the consolidation of the use of compact clones, the development of new varieties with innovative traits (such as tolerance to stress and disorders like PC, better oil quality, ease of harvest, etc.), and OxG hybrids to help alleviate the crisis caused by spear rots in some regions of America.


Amancio Alvarado next to one of his "children": a good compact palm.