The 'ASD IN A NUTSHELL' newsletter celebrates its first year of publication, during which we produced four issues of this short newsletter, which aims to bring its customers and friends a part of the work of ASD as a technology generator and creator of new oil palm varieties and clones. The global economic crisis has undoubtedly slowed down the momentum of some new oil palm projects in various parts of the world. However, for ASD the year 2009 was good, which we interpret as clear support from our customers for the quality of the planting materials that we produce. 2010 also looks like a good year for ASD and its customers.

During this year we intend to continue reporting on our activities and achievements. We believe that our economic activity is noble, because the planting of oil palm, visualized as a sustainable activity, allows the development of projects around the world that have very important social and economic impact for marginal communities in the tropics. Oil palm will continue to be a key crop for satisfying the ever growing needs of the world population for vegetable fats and oils, and it will only be through the generation of new technologies that the necessary tools will be available to reduce any negative impact the industry might have.

Carlos Chinchilla

March, 2010