Training courses for our costumers

ASD has a long history of organizing training courses on oil palm cultivation for its customers. Most of these courses have been taught in Costa Rica, but also in several other countries. The last course for agronomists and agricultural technicians was given in Costa Rica in July 2008, and the next course is being prepared for July 2010. See the information about the new course on our website (

Visits of our customers and friends. At its headquarters in San Jose and its facilities and experimental farm in the southern Pacific of the country, ASD is constantly receiving many of its customers who want to know first-hand about its operations and the performance of its varieties. The list of people who visit us is very long. During 2009 we were honored with the arrival of many customers and friends.

Names Company Country
Jacqueline Talmadge y Rocky French   Filipinas
Andrés Londoño, Juan Londoño, Helen Sarria. Colombian Montain Cofee Colombia
Allan Vojanic, Alvaro Rosie, Enrique Vargas FAO Costa Rica
Kim Hoon Korindo Group Indonesia
Rodrigo Bedoya, Fernando Rodríguez Palmar del Oriente Colombia
Guillermo Segura, Eduardo Gutiérrez e hijo Dypasa Mexico
Victor Da Silva, Pamela Zanutto, Silvio Humberto, Carolina Alvarenga Bioplasma Brasil
Leonard Hitz, Andrew Argo CTI Biochemicals USA
PhD. Sung Ho Song Vitrosys Inc. Korea
Lucca Coccia, Stephano Cecca FNP. Agriculture Co. Ltd Italia

Xaviar Arulandoo, Lim Chin Ching,

Carl Bek Nielsen

United Plantations Berhard Malasia
Ossy Tirta, Tatang Tahir, Sugih Wanasuria, Salid Bagi, Achmad Fathoni, Michael Thung PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Indonesia