The search for a genetic solution to the spear rot problem.

ASD is committed to the search for sustainable long-term solutions for the different phytosanitary problems of oil palm, particularly in the American tropics. Spear rot is one of those conditions that has been prodigious in escaping to a permanent solution that is practical and inexpensive for the producers.

ASD has been a pioneer in the search for tolerance or genetic resistance, developing the idea that tolerance to stress in general (water stress or waterlogging for example), is related to spear rot tolerance. This hypothesis is currently put to the test with the planting of different genotypes selected as stress tolerant, in field experiments in several countries and environments where spear rot is a serious problem. The evidence accumulated in these tests clearly indicates that spear rot tolerance can be found, both in crosses within Elaeis guineensis, and in the hybrids between this species and E. oleifera (OxG).

primer foto 6 5Nursery with a large group of genetic crosses (E. guineensis and OxG) to be evaluated for their tolerance to spear rot. Ecuador.