Héctor Albertazzi Leandro: energy and affable personality

Hector is an energetic young man who has acquired remarkable knowledge in the cultivation of oil palm and has a respectable track record at ASD. Initially, he completed his degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Costa Rica and then continued with a master's degree in integrated management of phytosanitary problems at the same university. His link with the cultivation of oil palm began in 1997 when he was doing his master's thesis studying the relationship between the health of the palm root system and the presence of diseases such as spear rot. His talent did not go unnoticed by the company and he was hired in 2001 as a researcher in the area of phytosanitary management.

Due to the experience he had accumulated, he was called by our sister company, Palma Tica, to take charge of the company's integrated pest and disease management program with several thousand hectares of oil palm in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. By 2007, he had already become head of research for the company's plantations located in the southern part of the country.

In 2008, he was brought back to ASD as head of the seed production department and his responsibilities have been increasing thanks to his intelligence, his ability to learn and manage, and last but not least, his pleasant personality, expressed as an easily given smile to all who approach to speak with him. Recently, and due to the departure of Engineer Sergio Mora (separate note), Héctor assumed more responsibilities by taking charge of the Seed Processing Unit.

hector albertazzi

Hector Albertazzi in the ASD genetic garden in Coto with a group of visitors