Sergio Mora: in search of new opportunities

Sergio served as head of ASD’s Seed Processing Unit (SPU) since 2001, but left the company for personal reasons. His relationship with ASD began with his work as a thesis student in 1998 to complete the requirements for his M. Sc. Degree in crop protection from the University of Costa Rica, where he had previously graduated as an agronomist. His thesis work focused on improving laboratory quality controls and managing germinated seed to maintain quality. Additionally, he studied agronomic management factors in prenursery that compromised the quality of the plantlets after germination, such as the use of inadequate planting substrates and the non-use of shade.

In his position as head of the Seed Production Unit, Sergio supervised all the phases of the process to guarantee the quality of the product, innovating germination technology and managing about 200 people who work in the unit. A lot of work certainly, but that did not prevent ASD from exporting approximately 30 million seeds to the international market in 2008.

Work in the SPU was greatly facilitated after the operation moved from an old building to a modern building complex. The more spacious work rooms, new technologies to regulate the temperature in hot and cold rooms, the handling of process wastes, the work comfort for employees, etc., make this infrastructure unique in America. ASD appreciates all the contributions Sergio made and wishes him many successes in his future professional life.

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Sergio Mora supervising seed germination processes.                                                           Large room where several of the management processes of the pregerminated and germinated seeds are carried out

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General view of the facilities for managing wastes from the seed germination process, which includes solid waste (sludge and mesocarp waste, oily water and pesticide residues.) The tank on the left is part of the system for processing pesticide residues used to treat the seeds.