Publications available on different topics

In addition to our periodic publications (ASD Oil Palm Papers and ASD in a Nutshell), ASD has a series of special (occasional) publications available to our customers; some of which can be obtained directly from our website ( The purpose of the publication of this material is to support our customers in their desire to obtain the maximum productive potential of our planting materials. The subjects of these publications are varied and samples are provided below:


Version in English

Version in Spanish

General aspects of oil palm cultivation. 2006. Escobar R., Chinchilla C., Peralta F. y Alvarado A.



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Small holder oil palm manual. Published trough cooperation between FAO and ASD:

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Spear rots in oil palm: the complexity of the problem and a guide to coexistence. 2010. Chinchilla C. 23 pp. (PDF)

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Red ring in oil palm: a management guide. 2010. Chinchilla C. (PDF)

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A proposal for the regostration of information during phytosanitary visits on oil palm plantations in tropical America. 2011. Chinchilla C. (PDF)

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