ASD’s participation in the “First Regional Oil Palm Congress” held in Tela, Honduras

In an effort worthy of recognition, the palm union of Honduras held its "First Regional Congress for Oil Palm " in the city of Tela, Honduras, July 6-8.

The organization of the event was excellent and it was attended by numerous palm growers and professionals in the oil palm agroindustry from the host country, other Central American countries, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

ASD had an opportunity to exhibit its products in a stand and Eng. Amancio Alvarado, director of ASD’s oil palm genetic improvement program, gave a talk on "Oil palm varieties for the Atlantic coast of Honduras". He presented the unique strengths of ASD to offer a range of varieties with the potential to successfully adapt to the conditions of the Atlantic coast of Honduras.

Palm growing in Honduras is enduring a tense period, given the threat of red ring disease and low productivity associated with the planting of varieties that have not been adapted to local conditions.

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Eng. Amancio Alvarado, director of ASD’s oil palm improvement program, during his presentation at the “First Regional Congress for Oil Palm” held in the city of Tela, Honduras, June 6-8, 2011.