The XXXII international course on oil palm

ASD has successfully completed 32 international courses on oil palm cultivation. The cumulative number of participants to these courses is now more than 1,136 people, coming from more than 22 countries. This time, the course was offered in English for our clients in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.

At the conclusion of the course, we were pleased to receive the comments of the students about the quality of our instructors and the knowledge received. We will continue working hard to maintain the quality of the activity and the satisfaction of the participants.

Once again, emphasis was placed on the importance of agronomic management to ensure the productivity and health of the crop. During the two weeks of the course, the students received theoretical and practical classes, but there was also time to devote to some recreational activities. In the end, and as always happens, we say goodbye to the students with a mixture of satisfaction for having done our duty and nostalgia at seeing them depart for their home countries.

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Participants of the XXXII international course on the cultivation of oil palm, this time offered in English. Top left to right: Pedro Segovia Irujo (Spain), Geraldine C. de los Santos (Philippines), Mark Antony Ralph Winwood (Zambia), Hector Albertazzi (ASD instructor), Amadeu Farage Frade (Brazil), Aleksandra Petrovic (Holland), Jaime Alejandro Pinzón Cotero (Guatemala), Ruddy Cabuay (Philippines), Chen Po-Hsun (Taiwan). Below, the rest of the Philippine mission (Inocentes C. Noble Jr., Remigion P. Sinet, Pedro P. Bravo Jr. y Juan Raymundo M. Veloso). Below, to the left of Rudy, appears Marcos Oliver Lucas Deecke (México).

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Left. Field practice. Right. A fishing trip in Golfo Dulce.