Visits by our Customers and Friends

Every year, ASD is visited by many people who want to know the company first-hand and its strengths as a supplier of planting material for oil palm plantations and projects around the world. In 2010, we received new and old friends, whom we had the privilege to serve and show them the progress made in the development of new of seed and clone varieties, as well as the facilities where we carry out the research that supports these planting materials.

Visitors 2012

Country Company Name
Republic of Congo  - Philippe Haubursin
México  - Jorge Terrones López
México - Jorge Terrones Méndez
México - Gustavo Pérez
México Company UUMBAL AGROFORESTAL Miguel Angel Couttolenc
México Company  UUMBAL AGROFORESTAL Eloy Ignacio Sánchez
Ecuador Agrofusión S.A. Miguel Weisson
Colombia Plantación Los Arrayanes, Castilla La Nueva Camilo Russy Barón
Republic of Congo - Pierre Angona