Linkage map and search for QTLs in compact palms

The first linkage map for compact populations was obtained by 'genotyping' with microsatellite markers (simple sequence repeats or SSRs) in palms derived from the BC1F2 population that was planted in 1994. In this map, SSR markers associated with quantitative trait loci (QTLs) were found, for leaf height and length, and some fruit traits.

The analysis of these same samples was completed with 64 combinations of AFLP marker primers (1856 PCRs or polymerase chain reactions) analyzed in the sequencer and the genotyping of the data was performed, obtaining about 800 markers. The work continues with the validation of the presence of markers associated with growth traits and the composition of the fruit to perform marker assisted selection.

16 3 primer foto

Example of the use of SSR markers for the early selection of palms according to growth and fruit traits. The presence or absence of a specific marker is associated with palms that differ in the traits evaluated.