Compact Varieties

The population called 'Compact' is exclusive to ASD and is characterized by slow trunk growth and short leaves, which allows increasing the number of plants that can be planted per unit area. The 'Compact' palms originated from backcrosses of an OxG hybrid (Elaeis guineensis x E. oleifera) to E. guineensis. The 'oleifera' genes transmit high potential for production of fresh fruit bunches, better oil quality, reduced vegetative growth and a certain degree of hardiness. Figure 1 summarizes the development of compact populations during the period 1978 to 2008.

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Genetic improvement scheme for compact palms. OCP: original compact palm; RCn: backcrosses to guineensis; RCn Fn: filial generations derived from each backcross

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The new compact progenitors show an increase in trunk height of 35 to 40 cm/year, leaf lengths shorter than six meters and oil extraction from the bunch of 25 to 32% in tenera palms (18-25% in duras).