The OxG AMAZON hybrid

The improvement of the 'oleifera' and 'compact' populations created the mothers and sources of pollen to develop a new OxG hybrid called Amazon, which has a higher proportion of genes from Elaeis oleifera than the OxG from other sources. This hybrid has shown, in addition to excellent agronomic characteristics, a marked tolerance to the disorder known as spear rot.

The production of fruit bunches expected for the Amazon hybrid during the first year is between 9.8 and 12.3 t/ha, which compares very favorably with 2.9-7.5 t/ha observed in other OxG hybrids of Coarí origin. Amazon has also presented a lower incidence of spear rot with respect to the Coarí hybrids planted in Tumaco, Colombia (Site 1: 2.0-4.3 vs. 2.8-16.7%, Site 2: 0.1-0.3% vs. 0.2-3.7%). The following figure shows the behavior of spear rot at two sites planted in 2008. Plantation 1 has drainage problems and 2 has better management and more aerated soils.

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