ASD Seeds

ASD seeds are produced in the field following international protocols that have been improved over our many years of experience. Such protocols allow us to guarantee the highest genetic purity (99.9% tenera purity) of our seeds, which is periodically verified by scrutinizing the quality of the fruit in the plantations.

PolinizadorThe procedures used by ASD ensure the best genetic of its seeds.

ASD has a modern facility where seeds produced in the field are processed, germinated and packed for shipment to customers.

InstalacionesGeneral view of ASD's Seed Processing Unit (SPU) in Coto 49, Costa Rica.

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State-of-the-art technology is used in seed preparation and germination processes at the SPU.

At this facility, new machines are available to separate fruits from the bunch and remove the mesocarp from the seeds. Likewise, automatic seed counters are used that provide greater efficiency and accuracy, and the seeds are handled in rigid containers for better ease of use.

ContadoraSeed counting machines allow greater efficiency and accuracy in the process.

All the information generated in the process is directly included and automatically stored in a database, which minimizes errors and allows high efficiency.

TabletThe information generated in the processes is directly fed into a database by reading barcodes and mobile devices.

The process ASD uses achieves excellent germination in a clean, healthy environment, which ensures the excellent physical quality of the seeds. ASD sends the seeds to its customers in new, modern packaging, which ensures that they arrive fresh and undamaged at any destination around the world.

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ASD seeds are always accompanied by a certificate issued by the State Phytosanitary Service that guarantees the product is free of diseases and pests. In addition, they are certified by the National Seed Office of Costa Rica, an organization that monitors seed production, germination and packing processes in the country.

Thanks to its diverse genetic resources, ASD has managed to develop 10 varieties for different environments and needs.


Your preference for our oil palm planting materials motivates us to continuously innovate, so that we can offer you new varieties that are increasingly productive and tolerant to pests, diseases, and adverse environmental conditions, and which guarantee the profitability of your business. This article aims to guide you in choosing the most appropriate variety for the environmental conditions in your region, particularly with regard to rainfall, temperature, solar radiation and soil conditions.

ASD's breeding program is located in Coto, Costa Rica, an area of alluvial soils with high natural fertility where there is high rainfall and low solar radiation, an environment that favors vigorous plant growth. Such conditions are favorable for genetic improvement, since they allow for the selection and development of slow-growing, short-leafed varieties and clones, without the problem of the response being masked by climatic factors.

The information provided in this manual covers the characteristics of the varieties in Coto, Costa Rica, where photographs were taken for illustrative purposes. In addition to the description of the "High Density", "Premium", "Standard" and "Special" varieties, this manual includes information about a new interspecific hybrid that is highly tolerant to bud rot and some clones that have been selected to date for their small size and excellent production characteristics.