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No. 48, 2017 (PDF) Content

  • Flowering in Elaeis oleifera and the Amazon hybrid.

          J. Henry

  • Pollination by Elaedobius kamarunicus in the Amazon interespecific hybrid (E. oleifera x E. guineensis) on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua.

         J. Henry, A.Alvarado, M.Y. Sanchez, H.Lezama

No. 47, 2017 (PDF) Content

  • Seed production and oil palm breeding in Costa Rica

          A. Alvarado and R. Escobar

  • "Basal stem cracking: a possible physiological disorder

         Chinchilla C.

No.46, 2016 (PDF) Content

  • Relationship between "amarillamiento-secamiento" of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis J.) and equilibrium of bases (Ca, K, Mg) in the Ecuadorian Western Block.

         Bernal J., Vega C., Calvache M.,Cervallos G.,Ayala A., Parra J., Guerra M.,Guanauna O., Morales R.,Sánchez J.

  • Basic components in traps for adults of Rhynchophorus palmarum.

         Rodríguez C., Oehlschlager A.C..., Chinchilla C.

No.45, 2015 (PDF) Content

  • Evolution Blue: a new oil palm variety with reduced growth and high oil content.

         Alvarado A., Henry J.

  • Recovery of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) affected by spear rots (PC).

         Torres J., Gutiérrez M., Chinchilla C.

No.44, 2015 (PDF) Content

  • Agronomic behavior of the Amazon hybrid.

          Alvarado A., Henry J.

  • Morpho-physiological monitoring of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) affected by spear rots (PC)

         Torres J., Gutiérrez M., Chinchilla C.

No.43, 2014 (PDF) Content

  • Soil characteristics, root development and spear rot incidence in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

         Torres J., Gutiérrez M., Chinchilla C., Mata R.

  • Vertebrate abundance in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plantations in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica, according to landscape and site conditions.

         Aranda M., Morazán F., Gutiérrez S. Diego R., Jiménez R., Anna G., Arevalo H., Diaz N., Burbano D., Coello H., Guerra L., Guevara C., Narváez V.,Rico A, Cortés J, Henrik

No.42, 2014 (PDF) Content

  • Physiological response of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) to soil water availability under field conditions in Tumaco, Colombia.

         Reyes R., Riaño N., Chinchilla C., Ibarra N.

  • Tolerance to abiotic stress, spear rot (PC) and Fusarium wilt in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) are related.

         Alvarado A., Chinchilla C., Albertazzi H.

  • Yield and growth of young oil palm plants in different states of severity and recovery from spear rots

         Ramírez F., Torres R., Chinchilla C.

No.41, 2013 (PDF) Content

  • Physiological response of young oil palms (Elaeis guineensis) to a steady water supply under greenhouse conditions

         Reyes R., Riaño N., Chinchilla C., Ibarra N.

  • Native 'mycorrhizal' association in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in Ecuador and evaluation of colonization efficiency in nursery palms.

         Lucrecia M., Bravo V., Rocío M., Gustavo B.

No.40, 2013 (PDF) Content

  • Response to irrigation (growth and production) of three varieties of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in the zone of La Concordia, Ecuador.

         Osvaldo M., Hidalgo D., Lema V., Reinoso V., Camacho O., Reyes S., Morales R., Calvache M., Bernal G.,Vega C.

  • Physiological response of young oil palms (Elaeis guineensis) to soil drying by evapotranspiration in two soil types under nursery conditions and possible implications for spear rot development.

         Reyes R., Riaño N., Chinchilla C., Ibarra N.

No.39, 2012 (PDF) Content

  • ASD’s compact clones fingerprinting: identification using microsatellite markers.

         Araya E., Alvarado A.

  • Why do we grow the oil palm?

         Escobar R.

No.38, 2012 (PDF) Content

  • Seed germination in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis): effect of seed storage time before and after heat treatment for breaking dormancy.

         Alizaga R., Herrera J., Alvarado A.

  • Recovery of low-grade (weak) oil palm ramets during the hardening period: use of anti-stress products and antagonist and symbiotic microorganisms.

         Gadea P., Chinchilla C., Guzmán N.

No.37, 2012 (PDF) Content

  • Oil Palm Compact Clones: A preliminary study on some physiological and anatomical changes during acclimatization of ramets.

         Gadea P., Chinchilla C.,Rodríguez W.

  • Germination of oil palm seeds: varietal effect, bunch load of the mother palm and conditions (temperature and oxygen availability) during dormancy breaking.

         Herrera J., Alvarado A.

No.36, 2011 Content

  • Leaf expansion rate: a criterion for identifying oil palm seed material (Elaeis guineensis) that can be planted at high densities.  (PDF)

         Breure C.J.

  • Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. elaeidis) in oil palm: a rather weak pathogen? (PDF)

         Chinchilla C.Ml. 

  • Opsiphanes cassina Felder (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), defoliador de la palma aceitera (Elaeis guineensis) en América Centra. (PDF)

          Mexzón R., Chinchilla C. Ml. 

No.35, 2010 Content

  • Advances in tissue culture propagation of compact oil palms clones in Costa Rica. (PDF)

        Guzmán N., Peralta F. 

  • There is no known evidence of a relationship between incidence and severity of spear rot (PC= pudrición del cogollo) in oil palm and the commercial origin of oil palm varieties planted in the past in tropical America. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml. 

No.34, 2010 Content

  • ASD’s oil palm breeding program and its contributions to the oil palm industry. (PDF)

         Alvarado A., Escobar R., Peralta F. 

  • Annular spot and chlorotic ring spot in Elaeis guineensis and OxG hybrids at the nursery stage in Tumaco, Colombia. (PDF)

          Peña E., Reyes R., Bastidas S., Morales F., Lozano I. 

No.33, 2009 Content

  • Oil palm root development as a response to mineral and organic nutrition in soils with prevalence of spear rots. (PDF)

          Albertazzi., Chinchilla C. Ml., Ramírez C

  • Soil characteristics and root development in young oil palms (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) planted in sites affected by bud rots (pudrición del cogollo. (PDF)

         Albertazzi H., Chinchilla C. Ml., Ramírez C. 

No.32, 2008 Content

  • The many faces of spear rots in oil palm and the need for an integrated management approach. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml. 

  • Leaf architecture and estimates of leaf area and leaf dry weight in young compact oil palms clones. (PDF)

         Taylor M., Chinchilla C., Rodríguez C. 

No.31, 2007 Content

  • Compact seeds and clones and their potential for high density planting. (PDF)

          Alvarado A., Escobar R., Peralta F., Chinchilla C. Ml. 

  • The oil palm industry in Costa Rica: country report. (PDF)

         Escobar R., Peralta F. 

No.30, 2007 Content

  • Red ring and other diseases of the oil palm in Central and South America. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml., Escobar, R. 

  • Comparative performance of two oil palm varieties (Deli x AVROS and Deli x Ghana) planted at different densities in two locations. (PDF)

         Alvarado A., Chinchilla C. Ml., Rodríguez, J

No.29, 2006 Content

  • Quarantine Regulations for Oil Palm Seeds and Clones from Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Escobar R., Chinchilla C. Ml. 

  • A method to control vines (Araceae) growing on oil palm stems. (PDF)

         Soto A., Carmona A., Albertazzi H., Quesada A. 

  • Performance of ASD's oil palm parent material in South Sumatra. (PDF)

         Breure C.J. 

No.28, 2005 Content

  • Onset of spear rot symptoms in oil palm and prior -and contemporary- events. (PDF)

         Albertazzi H., Bulgarelli J. Chinchilla C. Ml. 

  • There is no known risk of pest or pathogen introduction hrough the import of oil palm clones from Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml., Guzman N. 

  • Stress tolerant oil palm varieties. (PDF)

         Alvarado A., Sterling F.

No.27, 2004 Content

  • Stenoma cecropia Meyrick, a defoliator of the oil palm in Central America. (PDF)

         Mexzón R., Chinchilla C. Ml. 

  • Strategies for production of oil palm seed varietieties and clones for high density planting. (PDF)

         Escobar R. and Alvarado A. 

No.26, 2003 Content

  • ASD oil palm germplasm from Nigeria. (PDF)

         Richardson D. and Alvarado A.

  • Disease progress curves and spatial distribution of the red ring / little leaf (Bursaphelenchus cocophillus Cobb.) and charcoal base root (Ustulina deusta (Hoff. Ex Fr.) diseases in oil palm. (PDF)

         Barbosa R. Chinchilla C. Ml. 

No.25, 2003 Content

  • The bag worm, Oiketicus kirbyi Lands Guilding (Lepidoptera: Psychidae): a pest of the oil palm. (PDF)

         Mexzón R., Chinchilla C. Ml. Rodríguez R. 

  • Insect pollination of oil palm - a comparison of the long term viability and sustainability of Elaeidobious kamerunicus in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Ghana. (PDF)

         Caudwell, R.W., Hunt, D., Reid, A., Mensah B.A, Chinchilla, C. Ml. 

No.24, 2002 Content

  • Historical account of ASD's oil palm germplasm collections. (PDF)

         Sterling F., Alvarado A. 

  • Vegetative growth of a Deli x AVROS cross. (PDF)

         Bulgarelli J.,Chinchilla C. Ml., Alvarado A. 

  • Male inflorescences, population of Elaeidobious kamerunicus and pollination in a young commercial oil palm plantation in a dry area of Costa Rica. (PDF)

        Bulgarelli J.,Chinchilla C. Ml., Alvarado A.