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No.23, 2002 Content

  • Vegetative growth in prenursery of five commercial varieties of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.). (PDF)

         Coto E., Chinchilla C Ml., Bulgarelli J., Palma T. 

  • Low soil phosphorus content associated with a reduction in trunk diameter in oil palm. (PDF)

         Ramírez F., Chinchilla C Ml., Bulgarelli J. 

  • Notes on rat damage in oil palm in Costa Rica. (PDF)

        Torres R., Salazar A. 

No.22, 2001 Content

  • Use of two bioassays to estimate the residual effect and nutritional value of a compost made from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis, Jacq.) empty fruit bunches. (PDF)

         Segura M., Ramírez C., Chinchilla C. Ml.,Torres R. 

  • Chlorotic ring spot (anillo clorótico) and other virus-like symptoms in oil palm: risks for seed transmission. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml. 

No.21, 2000 Content

  • An effective trap to capture adults of Opsiphanes cassina F. (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) and observations on the behavior of the pest in oil palm.. (PDF)

         Loría R., Chinchilla C. Ml., Dominguez J., Mexzón R. 

  • Kernel content and income in oil palm. (PDF)

         Bulgarelli J., Sterling F. 

No.20, 2000 Content

  • Use of Rhyncho-Lure (rhynchophorol). the male aggregation pheromone of Rhynchophorus palmarum in Costa Grande, Guerrero, Mexico. (PDF)

         Camino L. et al. 

  • Germinación del polen en poblaciones derivadas de un híbrido entre Elaeis guineensis y E. oleifera(PDF)

         Alvarado A. Et al. 

  • Selección en palma aceitera por el contenido de almendra. (PDF)

         Alvarado A. et al. 

  • Wild vertebrates associated with an oil palm plot in Tabasco, Mexico. (PDF)

         Sánchez S. 

No.19, 1999 Content

  • Plant species attractive to beneficial entomofauna in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) plantations in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Mexón R. and Chinchilla C. Ml.

No.18, 1998 Content

  • Use of chemical treatments to induce seed germination in oil palm Elaeis guineensis Jacq.. (PDF)

         Herrera, J. et al. 

  • The Red Ring/Little Leaf Syndrome and Metamasius hemipterus and Paramasius distortus Captures in Oil Palm in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Bulgarelli J. et al. 

  • Oil Palm Pests and Pollinators in Tabasco, México.(PDF)

         Sánchez S. et al. 

  • The use of paclobutrazol in oil palm clones during the nursery stage. (PDF)

         Carvajal E. et al. 

No.17, 1998 Content

  • Advanced Oil Palm Planting Material:Vegetative Growth and Yield. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml. et al. 

  • Seasonal Variation in the Oil Extraction Rate in Oil Palm. (PDF)

         Alvarado A., Steling F. 

No.16, 1997 Content

  • Common Spear Rot/Crown Disease in Oil Palm: Effect on growth and initial yields. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C Ml. et al. 

  • The Effect of Climate and Oil Palm Age on Variation in Some Bunch Components in Coto, Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Sterling F. et al. 

  • The Presence of Strategus aloeus L. (Scarabaeidae) in the State of Tabasco, Mexico. (PDF)

         Sanchez S., Ortiz F. 

No.15, 1997 Content

  • Oil and Kernel Extraction Rates in the Oil Palm Industry in Costa Rica, Central America: country report. (PDF)

         Peralta F. et al. 

  • Agronomic factors associated with ‘common spear rot/crown disease’ in oil palm. (PDF)

         Alvarado A. et al. 

No.14, 1996 Content

  • Oil Palm Planting Materials by ASD de Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Escobar R. et al. 

No.13, 1996 Content

  • There is no (known) Danger in Importing Palm Diseases Through Oil Palm Seed Imports from Costa Rica.. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml., Umaña C. 

  • Natural Enemies of Harmful Arthropods in Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) in Tropical America. (PDF)

         Mexzón R., Chinchilla C. Ml. 

No.12, 1996 Content

  • The biology of Sibine megasomoides Walker (Lepidoptera, Limacodidae):observations of the pest in oil palm in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Mexón R. et al. 

  • A Pheromone Based Trapping System for Rhynchophorus palmarum and Metamasius hemipterus(PDF)

         Chinchilla C.Ml. et al. 

  • Crown Disease /Common Spear Rot in Oil Palms: Genetic Differences and Effect on Initial Production. (PDF)

         Sterling F., Alvarado A. 

No.11, 1995 Content

  • The History of Oil Palm Breeding in the United Fruit Company. (PDF)

         Richardson D. L. 

  • Ekona and Calabar (Ghana) as Alternative Sources of Male Parents in the Commercial Production of Oil Palm Seeds. (PDF)

         Sterling F., Alvarado A. 

No.10, 1995 Content

  • Diurnal predatory birds and damage caused by rats in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in Honduras. (PDF)

         Padilla M. et al. 

  • Moisture content/relative humidity equilibrium of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) kernels produced in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Jimenez R. et al. 

  • Subsoiling in oil palm.. (PDF)

         Ortiz R. 

No.9, 1995 Content

  • Guidelines for testing and selecting parent palms in oil palm: Practical aspects and statistical methods. (PDF)

         Breure C, Verdooren L. 

No.8, 1994 Content

  • Calibration of a capacitance-type moisture meter for oil palm kernels Elaeis guineensis).. (PDF)

         Alizaga R. et al. 

  • Biología y hábitos de Rhynchophorus palmarum L. asociado a la palma aceitera en Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Mexzón et al. 

  • Tillage effect on young oil palm growth in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Ortiz R., Durán N.

No.7, 1993 Content

  • Studies on the etiology of the crown disease / spear rot syndrome in oil palm. (PDF)

         Monge J. et al. 

No.6, 1992 Content

  • Mulch and antitranspirant application for water conservation in oil palm plantations in Costa Rica. (PDF)

         Villalobos E. et al. 

  • Early growth of young oil palms under different leguminous cover crops. (PDF)

         Ortiz R, Fernández O. 

  • Mulch and fertilizer effect on soil nutrient content, water conservation and oil palm growth. (PDF)

        Rubén Ortiz et al. 

Contenido - No.5, 1992

  • Captures of Rhynchophorus palmarum in traps baited with the male-produced aggregation pheromone. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C Ml., Oehlschlager C. 

  • Management of the American palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum and the red ring disease in oil palm by pheromone-based trapping. (PDF)

         Oehlschlager C., Chinchilla C.Ml. 

Contenido - No.3, 1991

  • Variation in the total of unsaturated fatty acids in oil extracted from different oil palm germplasm. (PDF)

         Chávez C., Sterling F. 

  • Symptoms associated with water deficit in oil palm. (PDF)

         Umaña C., Chinchilla C.Ml. 

Contenido - No.2, 1991

  • Pollinating insects and the pollination of oil palms in Central America. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C. Ml. Richardson D.L. 

Contenido - No.1, 1991

  • The red ring-little leaf syndrome in oil palm and coconuts. (PDF)

         Chinchilla C.Ml.