Who are we?

ASD Costa Rica was created in 1986 as a specialized company dedicated to the development of high productivity oil palm seed varieties and clones. ASD currently offers seed varieties on the international market with special traits for different environments and planting densities.

One of ASD's greatest strengths is its germplasm collection, which has a broad genetic base. This diversity of palm origins and types has allowed ASD to develop unique seed varieties and clones. ASD planting materials are recognized worldwide for their high genetic purity and productive capacity, and they are particularly popular among small producers around the world.

Since its creation, ASD has exported more than 320 million seeds to practically all the oil palm producing countries of the world, which means more than 1.9 million hectares are planted with ASD varieties. In tropical America, about 76% of the area planted with oil palm was developed with ASD varieties. Globally, commercial plantations that have used ASD varieties represent more than 12% of the total area planted.

ASD seeds have high genetic purity (99.9% teneras), which means that the producer will receive uncontaminated, high production genes for commercial exploitation. This guarantee is supported by an advanced breeding program using modern scientific resources, such as molecular markers and gene sequencing.

ASD seeds are certified by the National Seed Office of the Government of Costa Rica, whose main objective is to guarantee the genetic quality of the seeds Costa Rican producers use, through periodic inspections of production and processing. This local certification benefits all palm producers in the world, since an independent institution guarantees that the seeds show high quality and genetic purity.

Another important strength of ASD is its response capacity; customers receive their germinated seed after an average waiting time no longer than 35 days from the completion of the sale. Likewise, ASD guarantees the physical quality of the seeds it sends around the world with high quality packaging which allows, when necessary, that the seeds can remain in transit for up to 21 days without losing their planting quality.

In addition to providing high-yield oil palm seeds and clones, ASD has also been very successful in transferring technology for the crop to companies and small producers without experience in this industry, through in-service training, formal courses and direct technical assistance on specific topics.

Finally, ASD has technical-scientific personnel with extensive experience in the palm industry, with 20-35 years of continuous work around the world, ensuring ASD clients that behind the seeds they buy, there is a group of integrated professionals motivated to pursue a single objective: to achieve the full satisfaction of those who rely on ASD products.